Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find answers to some of our most common questions.
If you have trouble finding your answers, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer success team at and we will be in contact with shortly.

A lifetime if you let them.
These mats are just as tough as you are. We have a limited lifetime warranty. Unless you’re cutting into them or soaking them in an acid bath you’ll have these things forever.

Are they resistant to chemicals?
Absolutely! From MEK, Skydrol, JP8, Hydraulic Fluid, Bleach, Acetone, Xylene and more… you name it, we’ve probably had the team test it.

Are they resistant to heat and cold?
You bet! We have rated all our products up to 500ºF (260ºC) and -65°F (-54ºC).

Which size should I get?
Every size has a unique value to your workflow and we recommend you first assessing what your daily tasks include.

  • Do you do work with a ton of small tedious hardware pieces? The Small is for you.
  • Are you typically working with one hand tool and some hardware? Medium will suit you perfectly.
  • Working on big jobs with multiple tools, hardware, and you can’t afford to lose any of it? Go with the large or perhaps the Trio pack of all three.

What colors do you offer?
Grypmat Orange (aka safety orange). Our orange mats make visibility of your valuable tools and hardware the focus.

I lost my Grypmat, what do I do now?
Woah. It’s orange, come on! I guess order a new one..

What are these things made of?
Industrial grade silicone polymer and some secret magic ingredients. It’s heavy duty, and it’s going to last you a lifetime.

Where are Grypmat’s made?
Grypmat’s are produced overseas and warehoused in Columbus, Ohio.

Are there magnets in them?
Nope! No magnets, just Grypmat magic keeps your tools in place and the mats from sliding.

I got my Grypmat and it won’t stick to anything, what do I do?
Deep breathe in and out, this is perfectly normal and we’ll get through this together.

Chances are your Grypmat has collected a thin layer of dust on the bottom from sitting in a box on it’s journey to your doorstep. All you have to do is take a clean rag with some soap and water and wipe it down. Wipe it dry and you’re ready to go work.

In fact, this is a good practice to do every time you go to use your new flexible Grypmat.

How do I clean my Grypmat?
Soap and water. That’s it! Seriously. We promise.

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